My name is Ragini Nirala Founder and CEO of motorida.

Currently pursuing my bachelor's of computers and blogging is my passion.

I am a bike lover, I have been in the middle of the bike export people since childhood, I have very good knowledge about the bike.

I have known the bike very closely. Since childhood, I have learned a lot about bikes everything and whatever knowledge I have, whatever experience I have done, what I know about the bike at that time. I want to go through this, so I start this blogging and so that I want to share the experience that I have learned since childhood with experts.

I have doing blogging since 2019 and established a few digital online bike adviser services and my success is nowhere hidden from my social community.

And I want to share my knowledge and experience with someone so I started making videos on youtube and other social media platforms and now on a Blog so that what I share in the form of a video I can share it to someone who wants to read that information

My experience in Bikes

I own a youtube channel with the name MOTORIDA,
I love to make content for YouTube BTW you can subscribe to my youtube channel where I make a bunch of videos on the latest bike's specifications walk-around and much more stuff.

we do brand promotion on our website and YouTube as well if you are interested please contact us.
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