Introducing the 2023 BMW R nineT 100 Years Edition

BMW R nineT 100 Years Edition motorcycle

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, BMW Motorrad is releasing a limited edition of its R nineT motorcycle, called the 100 Years Edition. 

This retro-inspired motorcycle comes with a range of special features, including three ride modes, upgraded ABS, traction control, cruise control, adaptive headlight, and LED lighting. For added comfort, the R nineT also comes with heated grips and a powered USB port.

Painted chrome tank on BMW R nineT 100 Years Edition

One of the standout features of the 100 Years Edition is the painted chrome tank, which was no easy feat to create using modern, solvent-free paints. 

The tank goes through a complex process involving multiple electroplating baths and layers of paint, before being finished with a coat of clear coat. The finished product is then adorned with Avus Black paint, white double pinstriping, and a numbered 100 Years BMW Motorrad tank badge.

Avus Black paint and white double pinstriping on BMW R nineT 100 Years Edition tank

Other black and chrome details can be found on the front fender, frame, fork legs, air intake, and solo seat, which is black and oxblood red with a backrest. 

The R nineT also comes with the Option 719 line of high-end accessory parts, including milled aluminum pieces, black-anodized rims on the wire-spoked wheels, and adjustable hand and foot controls.

Option 719 milled aluminum accessory parts on BMW R nineT 100 Years Edition

Priced at $19,995, the 2023 BMW R nineT 100 Years Edition is set to hit showroom floors in the first quarter of 2023.

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