Honda has officially launched the PCX160 2023.

Honda has officially launched the PCX160 2023.

 Astra Honda Motor manufactures and distributes Honda motorcycles in Indonesia. Honda has released a new PCX160 in 2023 with updated colors. By adding new colors to CBS and ABS models.

"The new Honda PCX160, the latest color variant, is designed to meet the needs of premium scooter enthusiasts," said Thomas Wijaya, Marketing Director of AHM. 

the PCX160 2023.

With a sleek and elegant look that fits the driver's lifestyle. We want to give consumers more driving options with the New Honda PCX160, in addition to the best design and the wide range of advanced features we have included."

Honda PCX160 2023 will maintain its style. It has a 156.9 cc, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve liquid-cooled eSP+ engine with a simple but luxurious design. Known for its fuel efficiency, the PGM-Fi injection system supplies fuel. The engine produces 11.8 horsepower (Kw) at 8,500 rpm and 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

New Honda PCX160

There will be a double cradle, telescopic front suspension, dual spring rear suspension, braking system, CBS, and ABS, as well as new alloy wheels. The tires are 110/70 - 14 M/C and 130/70 - 13 M/C tubeless.

This car comes with LED lights around the car, a full digital LCD display screen, and Honda Smart Key system for remote entry. The ABS model has the largest storage under the seat, with a capacity of 30 liters, 1 USB Type-C charging port, and the HSTC anti-freeze system. It makes driving safer and more enjoyable.

Honda PCX160 CBS

New Honda PCX160 CBS and ABS models will come with a three-dimensional gold PCX 160 badge on the side. New patterns and colors for alloy rims. 

There are two new exterior colors available for CBS models: Magnificent Red and Brilliant Black, with Wonderful White still available. We'll add ABS models. Along with Majestic Matte Red, Wonderful White, and Glorious Matte Black, Imperial Matte Blue is now available.

Honda PCX160

Indonesian sales of Honda PCX160. In the CBS version, it will cost 32,179,000 rupiah, or about 71,758 baht, while in the ABS version, it will cost 35,610,000 rupiah, or about 78,905 baht.

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