Graffiti electric city bikes are a unique design from Lyric Cycles

Graffiti electric city

Graffiti has a 2500W hub motor that makes it stylish and powerful.

Lyric Cycles manufactures stylish and high-performance electric bicycles. Electric bicycles and electric motorcycles are also available at the camp. The brand recently launched two new models: Voodoo and 305 Ghost.

Compared to electric trains in the same class on the world market, Voodoo and 305 Ghost are relatively expensive electric vehicles around 240,000-260,000 baht. Thus, Lyric Cycles has developed a new model that makes the brand more accessible. 

In addition to having a lower production cost and a unique style, the Graffiti model retains premium performance.

Graffiti electric city

Voodoo and 305 Ghost were small body models that disappeared quickly. Lyric Cycles claims a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. For small electric bikes, this is considered a good standard. The battery can be used for 80 kilometers.

There's also a front fork with 120mm of travel, as well as versatile tires that can be used on smooth or gravel roads. The retail price is $ 3,099, or about 107,000 baht. A choice of two colors is available: Liquid Cement and Gunmetal.

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