Yamaha Europe Introduces Track-Only GYTR-Prepped YZF-R1

GYTR-Prepped YZF-R1

The iconic YZF-R6 has to be discontinued by Yamaha in 2020 because to the most recent European emissions regulations. However, Team Blue still provides the renowned supersport in a track-only version. In 2022, the YZF-R1 will still be Iwata's premier street sportbike, but the company will now pair the GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Team Racing) R6 with a race-ready R1.

The closed-circuit superbike is more than just an R1 with its lights turned off and fairings covered in white primer. With over 25 GYTR components and a performance-focused Akraprovic exhaust system, this R1 completely realises the performance potential of the platform.

GYTR-Prepped YZF-R1

Yamaha builds the track missile to FIM Stock 1000 requirements, but offers a wide range of adjustability to suit to track riders and racers. The renowned 998cc CP4 (inline-four) engine from the manufacturer gains more advantages than merely an exhaust devoid of catalyst. Tuners may maximise the output from the power unit with the help of a GYTR ECU, new wiring, and Bridgestone R11 tyres, which transfer all of that power to the road.

Stainless steel braided brake lines, a GYTR steel piston calliper kit, and Brembo Z04 brake pads improve stopping power, consistency, and feel to effectively manage that might. 

GYTR-Prepped YZF-R1

A billet front brake lever guard is now included with a set of race handlebars, and racing rear sets also come with the much favoured GP-shift layout.The GYTR R1 is completed by miscellaneous accessories like GB Racing engine covers, an R-Series 520 chain, and a racing windscreen, but Yamaha still has the GYTR Pro range under its sleeve.

The extensive assortment enables clients to modify their track-only literbike to Superbike World Championship (WSBK) requirements and was previewed on R1 GYTR Pro VR46 delivered to Valentino Rossi in 2021.

The GYTR Pro range includes the following components:

GYTR Pro Swingarm

GYTR Pro large capacity and low gravity fuel tank

GTTR Pro Carbon rear subframe

GYTR Pro Triple clamp

GYTR Pro Carbon cowling set

GYTR Pro screen

GYTR Pro Dashboard

GYTR Pro Dash support

GYTR Pro Handlebars

GYTR Pro Handlebar switches

GYTR Pro Marelli electronics (customized)

GYTR Pro Airducts for brake calipers

GYTR Pro Brake lines

GYTR Pro Brembo wheel adaptors (front and rear) to fit in the Öhlins FGR400 front forks and the inverted swingarm

GYTR Pro Clutch

GYTR Pro Side steering damper with bracket and clamp

GYTR Pro MB radiator

GYTR Pro Akrapovic system

GYTR Pro Brake lever protector

Yamaha is really placing its race-proven technology within the reach of the customer with such a sizable collection. We regret that the bLU cRU has yet to announce pricing or availability details, but we anticipate a revision by the end of the year.

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