Paifang moto Is A Brand New Motorcycle Manufacturer From China

Paifang moto

The new Paifang moto, created in collaboration with Geely Holding and Lifan Motorcycle, is known as the new brand that was launched very quickly in April. as a brand new that is having a small consumer base and is widely known and is quietly evolving Recently, the automaker has officially announced two new entry-level models: the Gravity 150 and the Starship 300cc.

Paifang moto

In terms of current market competition, the new Paifang moto brand could be an important brand for expanding on new options. Starship 3's distinctive feature is its unique design. camp including the modernization of technology and driving Supplied in the style of a cruiser bike. 

That comes with comfort in use and for the Gravity 150 sport sheep that may be called a production model from the Lifan KPV150, but with a new overall style. That makes for these two bikes come in a sporty style that is distinctive and unique to the camp more than for the new brand Pifang moto. Launched a new model bike to market in China only now for this new brand Pifang moto!!

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