2023 SUPER SOCO launches 2 new entry-level electric motorcycles

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Super Soco has launched two new electric motorcycles, adding the city-focused TS Street Hunter and TC Wanderer.

Both motorcycles are geared towards shorter distances, especially in larger cities, and both are distinctly different. The TS Street Hunter is sportier and more aggressive than the TC Wanderer leads. It offers a retro look with unique round headlights, both with handlebars. and large tires.

 super soco,electric motorcycle,super soco tc,quiet,motorcycle,first ride,insta360,south korea

Both are powered by a 2.5kW (3.4 hp) electric motor, which Super Soco says can reach a top speed of 45 mph, or around 72.5 kph. Can do a driving distance of 56 kilometers, the battery can be removed. It can be charged from a standard UK three-pin plug in 3.5 hours. The TC Wanderer can also be equipped with a second battery. which doubles the distance, it will be able to run a total distance of 112 kilometers.

The TS Street Hunter, which comes with 17-inch wheels (100/80 and 120/70 front and rear tires), starts at £3,799 and is available in four colors, “Storm Grey,” “Black.” , “Platinum White” and “Charcoal Blue” The TC Wanderer is priced the same as the TS at 161,000 baht, and is available in three color options: “Ceramic Blue”, “Vintage Green” and “Stormy Grey”.

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