2023 Honda Transalp 750 Caught Road Testing.

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Honda has been scattering clues about the Transalp 750 all over the place for curious motorcycle aficionados to find. The most recent trademark applications for the name in several markets came first. Then there were the teasers for the future Honda Hornet, which is anticipated to use the same 750 engine as the NC750X, Forza 750, and X-ADV. However, it is also speculated that the Honda Hornet would use a new twin design that is distinct from the present 750.

In September 2022, somewhere in France, the Swiss motorcycle newspaper ActuMoto appears to have captured a Honda Transalp 750 test mule in the wild. According to their account, finding the bike while they were driving home after the 2022 Hard Alpitour rally was entirely a joyful accident.

When the crew noticed this weird animal out grazing and recognised what it was, they were trying to take pictures of the bikes they had ridden to the event on. We'll be sure to include a link to their entire account in our Sources so you can read it.

The bike in the pictures is definitely marked "Transalp," and you can also make out a 750 number. The spoked wheels and the front wheel's apparent size of 21 inches support the notion that the Transalp 750 will be a more capable middleweight adventure vehicle that can handle off-road travel.

The bash plate appears to be rather serious as well, which is something you would naturally look for if you were organising an off-road expedition. There is obviously enough of room around the tail to mount panniers and prepare for journeys, even though the bike doesn't have any luggage mounted on it or any brackets installed for mounting baggage.

Although we can't tell much more about it from these pictures, it appears as though the windscreen should provide the rider with a good degree of protection.

The fact that this bike has no concealment at all is what stands out the most. It's just out there, appearing to be a production model that is almost ready for prime time.

When can we anticipate the new Honda Transalp 750's formal debut? After the ups and downs of the last two years, two of the major international motorcycle industry events on the calendar appear to be returning to normal in 2022.

Intermot and EICMA, with the former taking place in October and the latter in November, are both approaching as of this writing in September 2022. Hopefully the wait for the new Transalp 750's world debut won't be too long.

Source: ActuMoto

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