TVS Ronin 225 2022 official information

TVS Ronin 225

TVS Motor India manufactures motorcycles in India. On July 6th, the company launched the Ronin 225, an urban scrambler motorcycle. In addition, we have gathered interesting information about the bike. Getting to know details that may seem ordinary but are hidden with modern features. Extending beyond what appears on the surface.

Designed for urban scrambler enthusiasts, the TVS Ronin 225 will be available in 2022. The TVS Ronin 225 comes with a strong and load-bearing Double Cradle Split Synchro Stiff Frame that features retro motorcycle styling. 

Front upside-down suspension, size 41 mm, rear monoshocl suspension, adjustable seven levels, single disc braking system. A modified ABS system comes with two operating modes, Urban and Rain, that adjust the performance of the ABS system. The front discs are 300 mm and the rear discs are 240 mm. Depending on the surface condition, brake accordingly.

TVS Ronin 225

Dimensions of the motorcycle are 2,040 mm in length, 805 mm in width, 1,170 mm in height, 795 mm in seat height, 1,357 mm in wheelbase, 181 mm in ground clearance, and 160 kg in total liquid weight.

The engine is a 225.9 cc, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve SOHC engine with an oil cooled system. The cylinder size is 66 x 66 mm and the fuel injection system produces a maximum power of 20.4 horsepower (PS). 

A chain-driven hand-clutched system with an Assit&Slkpper Clutch delivers final power with a maximum torque of 19.93 Nm at 3,750 rpm. It is connected to a five-speed gearbox with a maximum torque of 19.93 Nm at 7,750 rpm.

TVS Ronin 225

There are LED lights mounted around the bike, where the headlamps are tricky because they are placed in a T shape. Keep the horizontal shape very minimal. The fenders are extra wide to prevent splashing from objects caused by the springs, and the display screen is digital, with 110 wide front fenders and 130 wide rear fenders.

There will also be a feature to alert system malfunctions and notify maintenance intervals on the CD that can be connected to a smartphone. The CD can control incoming and outgoing calls or text messages only.

The 2022 TVS Ronin 225 will be offered in three grades, starting with the Ronin 225 SS for 149,000 rupees , moving up to the intermediate Ronin 225 DS for 156,500 rupees, and finally the Ronin 225 RS. Priced at 168,750 rupees, the 225 TD

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