Porsche and Ducati are increasing their investment in e-fuel development and production.

Porsche increases investment in e-fuel development and production with Ducati

Porsche increases investment in e-fuel development and production with Ducati

Porsche, the German automotive icon. The Mission E electric concept car was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. The development model is the Taycan , a commercial vehicle. and was officially launched in 2019 and also distributed the platform with the project Synthetic fuels and doubling emerging energy sources with new investments in e-fuels.

from claiming a long-term stake in this sector Porsche has invested an additional $ 75 million in high Innovative Fuels Global (HIF) under the deal. Porsche to acquire 12.5 percent of electronic fuel maker.

Porsche's relationship with the Delaware company kicks off in 2020 when the automotive brand invests $ 24 million in Chile's electronic fuel refinery. The plant is scheduled to start producing e-fuels based on hydrogen and carbon dioxide in 2022 .

The current investment round will help HIF build a synthetic fuel plant in the United States by 2023. The company also aims to build an electronic fuel plant in Chile and Australia by 2024 .

Barbara Frenkel, Head of Purchasing at Porsche, said: “ Today marks an important step in our commitment to e-fuels. We see our participation in HIF Global as a long-term investment. And of course, the use of e-fuels is of great interest to the automotive industry … it is also effective for the aviation and transportation industries. ”

compared to conventional gasoline Synthetic fuels can cut emissions by up to 85 percent . That's a long way to preserve legendary internal combustion models like the Porsche 911 in the German factory lineup. Motorcycle maker Ducati has also been interested in e-fuels before deciding to take over FIM MotoE in the electric motorcycle racing series in 2023 .

Before the brand tested the new fuel in production models. will switch to motorsport as a testing ground Porsche intends to test synthetic fuel at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2023 before the race, Endurance still has time on its side. But with tighter global emissions regulations, Porsche must, of course, adapt its long-term model to future technology.

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