Chinese electric scooter manufacturer Horwin updates its SK3 model

Chinese Electric Mobility Company Horwin Updates SK3 Electric Scooter

Horwin, a Chinese electric mobility firm, released the SK3 electric scooter in December 2021. The scoot appeared to be a natural match in the fast expanding electric two-wheeler market at first, with a modest claimed range of 80 kilometres (50 miles) on a single charge. Horwin, with the 2022 generation of the SK3, has kept up with the rapid advancement of battery technology.

The electric motorcycle market in Europe and Asia is developing like crazy these days, thanks to new legislation promoting the use of EVs that are progressively being implemented, as well as a general increase in public awareness of environmental issues.

As a result, electric vehicle makers are more motivated than ever to develop superior products. Horwin has significantly enhanced the SK3 less than a year after its introduction by improving the scooter's battery pack. The electric scooter now has a range of 160 kilometres (100 miles), which is double the earlier figure of 80 kilometres.

Chinese Electric Mobility Company Horwin Updates SK3 Electric Scooter

What's more, the SK3 scooter can be equipped with a backup battery, virtually doubling its range to 320 miles, or 200 miles. The Horwin SK3's latest model hasn't changed much in terms of aesthetics. It still has a body and voluminous bodywork comparable to 300cc-ish maxi-scooters.

It's also quite light and agile, especially considering how heavy electric motorcycles are. With a weight of 115 kg, it's comparable to normal 150cc maxi-scooters. Horwin hasn't said whether this weight includes or excludes one or both batteries.

Expect the Horwin SK3 to be unable to reach exciting speeds in terms of performance. It's the equivalent of a 125cc entry-level scooter, with a continuous output of 3.1kW and a peak output of 6.2 kW, and a reported top speed of just 90 kilometres per hour. Despite its massive bodywork, the Howin SK3 is exclusively a city runabout that is perfect for a full day's worth of commuting.

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