Piaggio launches the Vespa Primavera RED 125, a new special-spec model 2022!!


The Japanese manufacturer Piaggio Group has released the Vespa Primavera RED 125, a new Vespa model. It is a special specification version of the Vespa brand core that comes in the Primavera 125 that was revealed on March 28, 2022, with delivery and sales scheduled to begin in June 2022.

For Vespa Primavera RED 125 new model, this special edition. Sponsorships with a non-profit founded by artist Bono, a member of the international non-governmental organization DATA (RED), a global consumer product manufacturer. 

It will sell brand new products. and can donate a portion of this profit to The "Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria" is a program to help people from incurable diseases today, with many well-known brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Nike participating. In the project of RED to make new products come out together.


For Vespa Primavera RED 125, it is considered a co-production model from the organization (RED) and a very special model. with uniqueness That comes in a special red tone, according to the Primavera 125 model that is named Passione Red, adding special colors to the front and rear aluminum wheels and seats to stand out. in the form of a special edition Different from the normal version perfectly and beautifully.

The base Vespa Primavera RED 125 still comes with the i-get air-cooled engine, which has excellent acceleration and fuel efficiency. It has good maneuverability and turning efficiency. and front disc brakes have a balanced ABS system. comfort and safety during driving

For the Vespa Primavera RED 125, this special version is closed at a price of 511,500 yen or about 139,800 baht.

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