LEGO Group and Vespa: a style icon in the new LEGO Vespa 125 set [PHOTO]

LEGO Group and Vespa: a style icon in the new LEGO Vespa 125 set [PHOTO]

LEGO® Vespa 125 is the set presented by the LEGO and Vespa Group to commemorate the technical and stylistic innovation of the iconic Vespa.

The presentation

The unveiling of the set took place in live streaming at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera. The event was conducted by two well-known faces of the small screen: Guido Meda and Vera Spadini. On the occasion, the most representative stages in the history of Vespa and the LEGO Group were recalled and a special 1: 1 scale edition of the model was also shown.

A Vespa 125 made with bricks, which replicates the same example of the miniature set. In total 110,000 pieces of 11 different colors were employed weighing 93.3 kg, as reported. A life-size work completed in 320 hours of work by a team of four construction specialists.

LEGO Group and Vespa: a style icon in the new LEGO Vespa 125 set [PHOTO]


A twin model of the 1: 1 scale model developed by LEGO Certified Professional Riccardo Zangelmi will arrive in Milan for Fashion Week . Fans will be able to get close to the LEGO Vespa 125 in 1: 1 scale in the POP UP in via Montenapoleone, from 25 February until 3 March. The place was set up already during the day to broadcast the live broadcast of the event held in Pontedera on a large screen.

This is a choral project in which the LEGO Store in Milan San Babila, in Corso Monforte, is also involved, where master builder Zangelmi is expected for a "live building" event.on 25 and 26 February from 11:00 to 19:00. The construction of a helmet that can be worn and also of a spare wheel in 1: 1 scale, as indicated, is foreseen. In addition, the original Vespa 125 will be exhibited in the shop from 25 February to 3 March, under the concession of the Piaggio Museum.

From 4 March , however, the 1: 1 scale model together with the helmet and spare wheel will leave for a trip around Italy , initially reaching the LEGO Store in Turin, where you can admire the work until 30 April. . There are also other stages and two further initiatives aimed at various enthusiasts called: “LEGO icon on two wheels” and “VESPA SCRATCH & WIN”.

"LEGO Icon on Two Wheels" is a competition that provides the opportunity to win a Vespa tour for two in the Tuscan Maremma, a guided tour of the Piaggio Museum, two nights for two people in a hotel in Pisa with full board and several others gadget. The first step to be able to participate is the purchase of the LEGO Vespa 125 set, to then connect to a specific site linked to the competition. 

LEGO Group and Vespa: a style icon in the new LEGO Vespa 125 set [PHOTO]

The official start of the initiative is scheduled for 1 March and will be active until 14 March throughout the country, but those who buy the set at the LEGO Store San Babila and the POP UP of Montenapoleone from 25 February, the date of the Milanese presale, you can still participate in the competition by keeping the receipt.

Then there is the “VESPA SCRATCH & WIN” initiative, designed exclusively for the 20 LEGO Stores and active from 25 February at the LEGO Store San Babila and from 1 March in the other 19 LEGO Stores in Italy. 

Until 8 March, after the purchase of the LEGO Vespa 125 set, a scratch card will be released that allows you to win exclusive Piaggio gadgets. Furthermore, with the LEGO Vespa 125 sets collected from the POP UP in Montenapoleone, from 25 February to 3 March, you can also receive the "VESPA SCRATCH & WIN" postcard directly in the San Babila store, presenting the dedicated coupon, as indicated.

The model

The new LEGO® Vespa 125 set , designed to commemorate the innovative Vespa project, will be available from March 1st. The scale model has a pastel blue color , a reference to the typical tones of the 60s and the Vespa world, rarely used within the LEGO lines. For the first time, then, there is a wheel made up of two shades: black for the rubber and white in the inner area of ​​the tire. The model also features other interesting details such as the handlebar with steering wheel, the removable engine hood, the kickstand, a spare wheel and a bouquet of flowers in the rear basket.

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