Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid 2022 is a half step in the right direction

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid 2022

Bentley We recently examined the electric curiosity of our customers and found that 60% were willing to park their hybrid or EV in a luxury garage. This is a good sign for British car makers. The company plans to introduce electric versions of all cars in the next few years, with only EVs by the end of the year 10. Deliveries of the Bentayga plug-in hybrid SUV have been on the rise since its arrival in 2019. The arrival of the Flying Spur Hybrid, the record sales of 2021, was not the best of times.

Flying Spur slowly enters the Beverly Hills bullet line, so it certainly knows how to enter. The new, long, low, athletic and sleek Flying Spur has the allure of a mega-curve, with Bentley praising Bentley for finishing it with shimmering azure purple hues and finishing things off with the sedan's largest 22-inch wheel. for. Isn't this fascinating fantasy your jam? Ok. There are literally 56 billion ways to set up a flying spur (really!), so do your best.

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