Here is the new GASGAS FLAT TRACKER Project bike based on the MC 450 F. Let's have a closer look.

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GasGas is serious about flat track. Certainly that's what the latest project bike based on the MC 450 F suggests.

GasGas is gaining a lot of momentum. In November 2021, KTM chief executive officer Pierer confirmed that GasGas' home location in Spain will be strengthened and expanded, while the Spanish brand's motorsport commitment will increase under the Austrian umbrella. GasGas will now target the US flat tracks after starting a Moto3 factory team in 2021.

Motocross bike converted to flat track

With the Flat Track project bike, GasGas shows a converted MC 450 F. Basically, a motocross bike that was disassembled and then rebuilt with original accessories. GasGas Flat Tracker can be set up by anyone, according to the manufacturer. The video (see above) shows how an MC 450 F is almost completely disassembled - the frame, swing arm, motor, seat, and handlebars can be reused, most of the rest is replaced.

GasGas Flat Tracker gets a WP Xplor Pro shock absorber, a Supermoto triple clamp, a WP Xact Pro fork, black anodized 48-tooth pinion, 19-inch flat track tires, and the shorter front fender from the MC 85. An Akrapovic titanium race exhaust system and a Suter slip clutch, which prevents rear wheel punching, are also installed.

A real flat-track bike was intended to be built from an existing production bike, the MC 450 F, and parts from the company's own line of accessories. According to GasGas, only the most important parts were installed to make replicating it as easy as possible. Except for the Akrapovic Evolution system, it is simply a luxury.

GazGas writes in its press release regarding this project bike that sometimes it's just about having fun. It's just about having a good time on the dirt bike, not about racing or results. A rogue suspects more ambitious goals. Due to the fact that KTM's parent company is already involved in flat track racing in the USA, it makes sense for GasGas to enter that market as well. Perhaps with its own works team similar to Moto3.

Imptag:GASGAS mc 450 , GASGAS mc 450 specs, GASGAS mc 450 review, GASGAS mc 450  manual, GASGAS mc 450 updates, GASGAS mc 450  news,

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