BMW, the Munich plant becomes fully electric.

BMW, the Munich plant becomes fully electric.

The plant of BMW Monaco gives a turn green due at the start of series production of the i4 , the new Ethics electric sedan. It is no coincidence that the BMW i4, which joins the other variants produced on a single assembly line, is called a milestone in the transformation process of the BWM Group.

More and more electrified models

Milan Nedeljković , member of BMW AG's Management Board for Production, said: “By 2023, more than half of the vehicles from our Munich plant will have an electrified drive system. Most of them will be fully electric. Consequently, Monaco will become fully electric “.

BMW, the Munich plant becomes fully electric.

The complexity of line fitting

It was not easy for BMW to convert and install the systems needed to produce electric cars in an old-fashioned factory, as Peter Weber , director of the BMW plant in Munich explains : “We were able to introduce the new vehicle into our existing plants without interrupting. production. The team and our partners have done an amazing job. Our body shop is a prime example of intelligent and efficient integration. Most of the new BMW i4 production processes can be run on existing bodywork systems ”.

Highly flexible system

By integrating electromobility into series production, characterized by specific elements such as electric drive and high-voltage battery, BMW has made its parent factory extremely versatile and flexible , also thanks to an increasingly innovative and widespread contribution of digitized processes . Today, a wide range of products is being built at the Munich plant, including not only the BMW i4 but also the BMW 3 Series Sedan and Touring endothermic to hybrid, the BMW M3 and the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé.

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