The Honda ADV 350 may arrive soon

Honda ADV 350

 Smaller displacement variant of the well-known X-ADV 750, Honda has registered the ADV 350 acronym in Europe; and some data emerge from the documents that begin to frame the model.

We have been talking about a small Honda X-ADV for some time.

The Japanese manufacturer presented the ADV 150 scooter in the summer of 2019 , first in Indonesia and then in Japan (in the above and below) , and this year the abbreviation ADV 350 was registered in Europe in the classification concerning vehicles. on two wheels.

From what emerges from the data for homologation in Europe, it is clear that the new scooter uses the technical basis of the new Forza 350 , the engine is the same as the SH 350, launched as a 2021 model.

The exact displacement is 330 cc but with the power that rises from the 28 hp of the SH to 29 hp , again at 7,500 rpm.

The differences with the Forza 350 (below)  are in the size. The wheelbase extends from 1,510 to 1,520 mm and the maximum length also increases (from 2,140 to 2,200): variations that could have to do with the adoption of different suspensions and rear fender. The maximum height instead drops from 1,470 to 1,295-1,430 mm, a sign of a lower fairing than the windshield of the Forza 350 and also adjustable.

Above all, the width of the handlebar increases (from 755 to 895 mm ), reflecting a different setting of the driving position, in style with the X-ADV setting.

Finally, the weight, which rises from 182 to 186 kg in running order, which suggests an enrichment of the equipment or in any case a greater dimensioning of some parts.Unlike the larger X-ADV 750 (above) , the ADV 350 in losing the letter " X " would have - as in the case of the ADV 150 model not imported by us - a less "off-road" definition: it should also keep the front wheel 15 inch.

It will likely come with a price positioning closer to the Forza 350 model than is the case now between the 750 X-ADV and Forza models, which show a significant cost variation.

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