Enduro Vintage Trophy 2021. It's Peterhansel's France

 Peterhansel, Charbonnel, Viardot. The Italians, out of the Trophy due to the failure in Grasso, win the "Vase" and almost everything else. Elba wins and Elba wins. Fascinating event, concentration of passion and enthusiasm.

Portoferraio , 23 October 2021.   Enduro by the sea , the lake or by the river is passion and charm. If you materialize the idea of ​​an evocative six-day International Enduro Trophy, its history and its philosophy in an Enduro Vintage Trophy, you have to multiply the outcome by a thousand. Portoferraio enters the legend for the second time, exactly after 40 years.

The first time was in 1981 when Daniele Papi's Six Days, in many ways simply revolutionary, it expressed an unprecedented competitive, organizational and public success. For the record, Italy won the Trophy and the "Silver Vase", the Junior Cup, "killing" a deadly and world-wide competition. From there the legend was born, a memory that swells the hearts of fans.

The Enduro Vintage Trophy is evocation and actuality. In fact, it is not just finding and finding oneself, it is proposing something that produces a film of exciting and contagious passion , a pandemic of exaltation of the love for “Regularity”. 400 participants admitted to the start, it is said at least 150 on the waiting list and then desolately forced to give up.

Italy had to defend the title won in Portugal by Passeri , Rinaldi and Sala , it was the dress rehearsal of what today we can consider a consolidated trend, a reality. The Italy of Mister Mazzolenireturns to the Island of Elba with a new formation. They include Henry Tortoli , Tullio Pellegrinelli and Giorgio Grasso . The competition has become stronger and more numerous, but already on the sunny quay of the " Scoglio ", we are talking about nothing but the "challenge.

And let's get to the point, we will talk about the legend again and again. The people of Elba did a gigantic job , a dizzying path and "professional" specials, not the usual tour to please the most. The result is a technically flawless, spectacularly enviable three-day event.

We go to the gong of the three days of competition, two on the “classic” enduro routes, the third on the “ Crossdromo del Buraccio ” machined from solid for the final battle. A mini Six Days, in short, dedicated to the old glories, mechanical and… human. So, Giorgio Grasso retires on the first day , Alessandro Gritti on the second . The Trophy Team (over 50) is out, the Italian myth of the specialty returns home after a car accident. Nothing serious, but a nice turnaround… Pellegrinelli and Tortoli do their best to keep honor and personal pride high, but the basic question is, alas, resolved. Two themes remain that send attention to the full scale for the event. The overwhelming challenge of France , which pulls straight towards the conquest of the Title and the Trophy, and the duel between the two best ever.

It is a somewhat unequal confrontation , two different generations and therefore not aligned by the rules of the game but, who cares, it is the beauty of the race, of the challenge between two riders unable to take it lightly.

On the one hand Stephane Peterhansel , Yamaha 250, on the other Matteo Rubin , KTM 250. Botta and riposta, the Italian and the French play them from the first to the last of the 15 Specials overall, one ahead of the other. In the end , French comes out, the Italian is second at half a minute after three days of tight head-to-head. To Stephane our usual overdose of respect, to Matteo of admiration. Both interpreted the Race without leaving anything to chance and never giving up, proving the competitive spirit that animated their “pro” activity at their respective times as World Champions.

The Vintage "Olympics" of Enduro rewards France , as we said. Thierry Viardot , Laurent Charbonnel , Stephane Peterhansel , unreachable by the Germans Weber , Von Zitzewitz and Steinel , behind by more than six minutes, and by the Spaniards Baldiri , Riera and Castey inoffensive another half hour from the winners. But let's get back to us, to the “rest that counts”, to the winners of the Vintage Silver Vase . They are the Italians of MC Pantera A Luigi Mazzoni, Maurizio Bettini and Mario Graziani, measuring on the Gilera Arcore F team (Buratti, Scovolo, Pagani) and on the Sorci Verdi B (Findanno, Signorelli, Bernardi).

Let's talk again, there are so many people who have won in Elba ! Starting with Bruno Birbes and his Muller 50!

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