BMW R 18: the range exhibited at Vintage Cars and Motorcycles

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It should be noted the presence of the BMW R 18 family specimens at the Auto e Moto d'Epoca show in Padua, scheduled from 21 to 24 October 2021 .


Tradition and interest in engines stand out at the Padua event and on this occasion BMW Motorrad Italia exhibits the entire R 18 overview, including the new BMW R 18 B and BMW R 18 Transcontinental presented last July.

A range visible in the exclusive SoulFuel Loft in Hall 4 . Also in the area is the technical and lifestyle clothing line of the BMW Motorrad Heritage collection.

The new BMW R 18 B is a bagger designed for traveling, as is the R 18 Transcontinental, designed to cover long distances.

Two new models equipped with the already well-known 1,800 cc Big Boxer and also the presence of a Marshall audio system, which enriches the driving experience.

After the Concept R 18 presented in 2019, the BMW R 18 model was introduced in the summer of 2020. An interesting example of tradition and construction technique, joined in the same year also by the BMW R 18 Classic.

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