2022 Triumph, news on the 250-750 range made with Bajaj

Triumph, news on the 250-750 range made with Bajaj

We learn some details about the arrival of the “baby” Triumphs, to be sold all over the world, which will be born from the partnership with Bajaj. Meanwhile, the TE-1 EV electric motorcycle is ready for testing

AHinkey and in Pune everything is going according to plan, or almost, pandemic hitches permitting.

Triumph in England and Bajaj in India continue to develop the new range of Triumph-branded motorcycles, between 250 and 750cc, to be built in Indian plants for global sales.

The partnership between the two manufacturers was made official in January 2020, after the agreement was already spoken in 2017, with advantageous prospects for both parties.

Triumph would in fact benefit from greater competitiveness and penetration worldwide, especially in emerging and commercially important contexts. It would also have a range to offer even in mature markets to younger riders, expanding its customer base.

Triumph, news on the 250-750 range made with Bajaj

Bajaj would have advantages from a production and industrial point of view, and also from a commercial point of view by distributing the Triumphs in the vast Indian market and in the markets where Triumph is not officially present.

Bajaj Auto Limited is one of the major industries within the Bajaj Group, one of the top ten Indian groups by turnover, and in volume it is the third largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world - and the second in India - after Honda and Hero.

Bajaj Auto is also a corporate partner of KTM Motorcycles and manufacturer of all KTM and Husqvarna, not specialist off-road vehicles, up to 400 cc.

It also collaborates with Kawasaki, selling some of its own models abroad with the Japanese brand.

Miles Perkins, Triumph Brand Manager, confirmed in a recent interview that the project is on the right track and that the first prototypes of the “small” Triumphs have been built. The statement comes after there was talk of delays on programs from six to nine months following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Triumph, news on the 250-750 range made with Bajaj

“Everything is going very well - he said -. I've seen the bikes in development and the prototypes in working condition. We have not yet decided what the bikes will be and when we will launch them, but news will arrive soon.

The relationship with Bajaj, between the team in India and that of engineers who work here, is excellent: they are very close, passionate people and their goals and commitments are exceptional. The working relationship is strong, the design development is completely Triumph: these are Triumph. What Bajaj offers is phenomenal in terms of quality, especially in the low-powered segment ”.

Miles Perkins added new information on the TE-1 EV electric motorcycle project seen so far only in the drawings (top).

Triumph, news on the 250-750 range made with Bajaj

“The TE-1 EV project is the prototype of a development platform, it is not a ready-to-sell motorcycle. Rather it is the project of a future electric platform that the development team is gaining experience with and which will be able to see other actors together with Triumph.

The prototype is now functional and ready for the first test phase. I think we will be able to see something next year and after the test results we will adapt the style to allow everyone to see how it will be ”.

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