White Motorcycle WMC250EV has begun testing.

Imptag:WMC250EV,2022 WMC250EV,White Motorcycle WMC250EV,Motorcycle WMC250EV,White WMC250EV

WMC250EV,2022 WMC250EV,White Motorcycle WMC250EV,Motorcycle WMC250EV,White WMC250EV

Back in the middle of 2021, White Motorcycle, an innovative development company from England. It has released a strange design electric motorcycle, the WMC250EV, which is not a concept model. or for mass production for the exponentially growing electric motorcycle market. But it was created as a tool for setting the top speed record for electric vehicles. Recently, the company has officially started testing the first run.

White Motorcycle “WMC250EV” test video

White Motorcycle “WMC250EV” is a motorcycle with a rather unconventional design. It is designed to take aerodynamics into account as much as possible. We will see a large air tunnel that penetrates from the head to the rear of the bike. The designers named it "V-Air", which is an air vent that keeps the air from hitting the bike directly. It also allows this air to flow through the bike easily. And turn these large air masses into pressure on the bike to stick to the surface all the time. Without having to design the parts that act to cut air in any way.

Another part that should be unique to this WMC250EV is the installation of four small power drive motors, which are separated from the wheels on each side in pairs. This will result in the drive system of the bike that will be a separate 2WD front and rear. With a maximum power of four drive motors at 100 horsepower (KW), the developer has the idea to increase the power of the four motors to be able to increase power by 2.5 times, which is equivalent to 250 horsepower (KW). in the future.

WMC250EV,2022 WMC250EV,White Motorcycle WMC250EV,Motorcycle WMC250EV,White WMC250EV

In June The company chose to make its official debut at the SilverStone track in England. and recently chose to use the test field Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire It was the site of testing the WMC250EV for the first time, in a straight line test. With a quarter mile and half mile run, there was also a test of running in a straight line at top speed. The results in the test were quite impressive. Because it can reach speeds of up to 170 miles per hour, or about 273.5 kilometers per hour.

White Motorcycle Chairman, Rob White, has come to say that the ENC250EV has exceeded expectations. And this will not be its only test. The next test will require more development. and he aims to build a top speed of 250 miles per hour to cross the wall. It is set to set a world-record fastest speed by 2022 at the Salt Lake in Bolivia. It's a place to record history.

Imptag:WMC250EV,2022 WMC250EV,White Motorcycle WMC250EV,Motorcycle WMC250EV,White WMC250EV

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