Launch of the SYM CROX RX 150 2021 as a competitor of the Honda ADV150?!

Imptag:SYM CROX RX 150,2022 RX 150,RX 150 scooter,RX 150

SYM CROX RX 150,2022 RX 150,RX 150 scooter,RX 150

The Honda ADV150 is a very successful entry-level scooter in the adventurous market, giving us a glimpse of the competitors. in a similar way in the market for many models And most recently, it is SYM that has released this version of the CROX RX 150 2021.

SYM CROX RX 150 2021 is the work of a manufacturer from Taiwan, which friends are probably familiar with the name of this brand. Because besides this time it will be marketed in our home already. Currently, it is also collaborating with GPX to produce the DRONE scooter.

For the engine of this model, it comes in a 149.6cc SOHC 1 cylinder, cooled by a radiator. The maximum horsepower is 11.1 HP and the maximum torque is 11.5 Nm. Although the overall design of the bike is similar to that of a typical scooter, the bike is equipped with semi-road tires. make the bike It can drive in dusty or rough terrain to some extent.

It comes with a LED light system around the bike, modern design headlights and brake lights. Full digital display screen, USB port, front and rear disc brakes, etc. This model of SYM is not yet a global model for sale in many markets. countries around the world in any way We will have to wait and see in the future. What plans will they have with this CROX RX 150 2021?

SYM CROX RX 150,2022 RX 150,RX 150 scooter,RX 150

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