All New Honda Click 160i, new look, new engine, eSP+, a chance to launch, shake the market at the end of 2021!

It can be said that it is a very strong news trend in many countries in the ASEAN area. with the launch preparation The new All New Honda Click 160i sports automatic motorcycle that will come with a new engine like eSP+ that has been upgraded to be more powerful as well!

The important evidence is Product Code Discovery Related to the All New Honda Click 160i with basic engine That comes in the PCX160 already, including the age of the original Click, it's time to change. Including the launch of a direct competitor, the All New Yamaha Aerox 155, the latest model. that is currently popular All in all, that's why we should be seeing the All New Honda Click 160i launch around the end of 2021.

The All New Honda Click 160i is predicted to use the engine in the 157cc 4-valve engine with the official engine name eSP+, including a new exterior design. But the interesting thing is In terms of features, how much is Honda going to overlap their competitors? Will there be a chance to see the HSTC (Anti-Free Wheels) or ABS brakes on this model? not too long to wait. We will definitely know the answer. Because of this bike We will use Thailand as one of our main production bases.

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