New images of QJMotor QJ700D, a fully electric sports fairing from China.

After having made an official public debut for the QJMotor QJ700D, the camp's first full-electric sports fairing motorcycle around the middle of last year. Recently, the company has filed a documentation claiming the rights to redesign the model that may look unchanged. But there are features of the bike that are more complete

The QJ700D is considered a motorcycle in the full electric category. with the appearance of the first full-fledged sports bike produced in China Previously, most manufacturers The owner of the market in the electric power sector The design will focus on scooters that have more utility than vehicles.

using the ability of a scooter that can be packed or carrying things For both personal and commercial use more And there are some manufacturers that produce electric bikes that look like real motorcycles. But it will focus mostly on efficiency.

From the international market, we meet many manufacturers who have adopted the form of a full-fledged sports motorcycle for use with electric motors, such as Lighting, a famous brand from America.

Who has held the record for the fastest electric motorcycle in the world for many years, or even Energica, a famous brand from Italy. which currently supports the official MotoE race We can see that both of these models are performance models. that focuses mostly on racetrack and high speed And it's quite expensive. So we rarely see these bikes being traded and used on the road.

With the gap between these two characteristics, Chinese motorcycle brand QJMotor has developed the QJ700D, which has the appearance of a full-fledged sports bike with a storage compartment like a scooter. To the efficiency that is equivalent to a bike with a combustion engine in the 700 cc rating in any way Because the bike is equipped with a 10kW motor that produces only 13.5 horsepower (HP), which is equivalent to a combustion engine in the rating of about 125 cc only.

A picture of the first prototype of the QJMotor QJ700D.

And as mentioned above, the QJ700D has all the characteristics of a scooter. is able to store There will be a large box installed around the fake oil tank. which electric vehicles do not need by the prototype that was shown earlier In the glove compartment, one full-face helmet can be stowed, and a hole is cut to reveal what's inside.

But the latest from the filing of the new design rights ownership documents It was found that the middle luggage box was already enclosed by plastic around the sides. We do not know that it is because of security issues. or on the company's prototype bike that has clearly opened the gap It's just wanting to show off different abilities.

Finally, the QJ700D should be officially launched in the Chinese market later this year. It's early The electric vehicle market is gaining popularity as it supports. And it is possible to use the dynamics of the Chinese industry. With low production costs for European distribution under the Benelli brand to compete for a cutting edge among European brands that are currently developing EVs.

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