All New YZF-R9 / R3 / R15 new look to the market by 2022!

Imptag:2022 yamaha r9, 2022 yamaha r3, 2022 yamaha r15, 2022 YZF-R9, 2022 YZF-R3, 2022 YZF-R15

2022 yamaha r9, 2022 yamaha r3, 2022 yamaha r15, 2022 YZF-R9, 2022 YZF-R3, 2022 YZF-R15

It is a trend that is getting more and more hot for the army of sports motorcycles from the Yamaha family of the new YZF-R Series, when both information and pictures of the test car in some models come out for us to see. So it's highly probable. We will see both the All New YZF-R9 / R-3 and R15 within 2022 ahead!

The All New Yamaha YZF-R9 will be a full-fledged sports car that uses a 3-cylinder cross-plane crankshaft engine. The new MT-09 will have an increased cc from the original 847cc to 889cc and increase the peak horsepower to 119 PS from 115 PS. And increased torque to 93 NM at 7,000 rpm from 87.5 NM at 8,500 rpm, which is clearly more powerful torque.

All New Yamaha YZF-R25 or new R3 may refer to a design that is inspired by the YZF-R7, especially in terms of the design of the fairing and the front LED light set, and it is also analyzed that The rear seat cover is shorter in size. And the frame will change from a tubular frame to a Deltabox instead, while the swingarm will also have a new design. As for power, it is expected to remain the same 321cc inline-twin as the current version. But there may be some improvements in performance.

All New Yamaha YZF-R15, the youngest of this series. It is expected to still come with the same 155cc engine with VVA, but there may be some horsepower or torque updates. It is expected that the tail lights are still unique in the R-Series family, with a new rear cover design.

Similar to the YZF-R7, the new exhaust pipe. New design rear footrest, similar to the YZF-R3, the fuel tank has been redesigned. look bigger The mid-body design has been redesigned. The front and mid fairings are similar to the YZF-R6, the design of the front lights and the center air intakes are similar to those of the YZF-R7. The front fenders remain similar to the current YZF-R15, with an upside-down front suspension.

Which car will be launched before or after that? If there is progress, we will update every period!

Imptag:2022 yamaha r9, 2022 yamaha r3, 2022 yamaha r15, 2022 YZF-R9, 2022 YZF-R3, 2022 YZF-R15

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