A 1951 Stevens LP5 with sidecar is an insanely intricate model


A miniature version of something larger has an undeniable appeal. There is something intriguing about them on multiple levels, from complex architecture to miniature motorcycles. They should be as detailed as possible. Furthermore, having a small collection of your favorite items around makes it much easier to enjoy, regardless of the size of your home. 

This monumental undertaking had occupied George Wills's life for some time prior to its unveiling in 1951. Modeled after his 1935 Stevens LP5 that featured everything from the sidecar to the running engine, he created a sophisticated scale model that exhibited every aspect of the real bike in every detail. 

He probably doesn't need to say that he did virtually everything by hand, with the exception of the tires. Regardless of how you put it, you'll see in the video that the end result is stunning. In addition, you can see a video of this model running on Facebook in this post. 

Those unfamiliar with Stevens should know that it was formed after Matchless bought AJS in 1931. "AJS" were the initials of "A.J. Hence, the name "Stevens" seemed natural to use for the new company. Stevens LP5 fan George Wills created a miniature version that actually runs out of love for his Stevens LP5. 

There is a 7.5cc engine in Wills' replica that can reach 12 mph and is capable of 7.5cc displacement. The miniature Stevens LP5 from the British Pathé video from the '50s can still be found at the British National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in 2021.  

On Yer Bike, a great YouTube channel, tracked it down and made this video about it. Additionally, they learned that no one had started it in decades. The 21st century was not able to hear and see this model run, but they thankfully managed to capture plenty of video footage of it in 2021, so we can all see and hear it. 

Other than his love for motorcycles and tinkering abilities, we know little about Wills. It's our hope that, decades from now, people will still say those kind of things about us. You are welcome to check out Beaulieu's most current schedule if you are in the UK to view the model in person.

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