Alert! India, removing your mirrors could cancel your bike's warranty

Imptag:warranty cancle in india,bike mirror,do removal of bike mirror cause warranty cancel in india?

warranty cancle in india,bike mirror,do removal of bike mirror cause warranty cancel in india?

Taking the rear-view mirror off a motorcycle to make the bike look more sleek and streamlined is an all too common modification. The rear-view mirror is a safety feature that all bikes and vehicles must have on a street, even when there is no need for it in a closed circuit. Most countries require this type of mirror as a condition of street-legality. 

Advocate Ramkumar Adityan submitted a complaint against riders who removed their rear-view mirrors, citing this popular modification among two-wheeler riders in India. Riders and passengers without mirrors pose a threat not only to their safety, but also to the safety of pedestrians and car drivers on the road. In fact, most scooter and motorcycle riders do not realize that not having a rear-view mirror puts them in violation of the law. 

Considering that, educating road users prior to issuing licenses to drivers is certainly a major task for India. In the meantime, the Madras High Court, one of India's oldest and most respected courts, has requested that vehicle manufacturers and dealerships include a clause in vehicle warranties that specifically states that revocation will occur should the vehicle be operated without a rear-view mirror. 

Judge Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy, the constitution bench, went over the recommendations and found that, aside from revising the vehicle's warranty policy, it was necessary to ensure that all dealers sell their cars with rearview mirrors. Dealers must also advise their customers to keep their rear-view mirrors installed at all times.

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